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Divorce & Child Custody

Divorce is not an easy decision. But, in some cases, it becomes necessary. Our role is to make it painless, efficient and at the lowest possible legal cost.


We will carry out the process efficiently without incurring the unnecessary legal cost. We aim to get you at least half of the matrimonial asset, including EPF and the custody of your children, plus wife maintenance; and child maintenance until they finish their university education.

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About Divorce & Child Custody

  • Women in Malaysia have significant protection in divorce matters. They can obtain monthly maintenance, child maintenance until university and division of half of the property, including EPF.

  • Malaysian mothers are given priority in obtaining custody of their children.  

  • Husbands who do not pay maintenance can be forced to pay and even go to jail if they keep not paying.


Contact us now for free and quick feedback on your questions about DIVORCE and CHILD CUSTODY.

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